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Tulsa Bicycle Accident Statistics

Many Tulsa residents rely on their bikes to travel to work, class, or the store. Others turn to bike rides to enjoy some exercise and stress relief. And children are often on neighborhood streets and around parks riding as part of playtime. No matter how old you are and why you ride, you deserve to return home safely every time.

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Cyclists Rights in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Vehicle Code §47-11-1202 details how cyclists have every right to use local lanes, just like any motorist. Cyclists should know their rights when they use bike lanes and regular lanes and every motorist should also know the rights granted to cyclists. It’s generally when Oklahoma drivers get careless or simply are in the dark about the rights bicyclists have

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Oklahoma City Bicycle Accident Statistics

Oklahoma City is a great place to live and work, but there’s room for improvement to keep those who cycle across our city safer. Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law is an advocate for safe rides for cyclists of all ages across OKC. We wanted to spotlight recent bicycle accident numbers in our city to serve as a reminder to all local

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Tulsa Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Tulsa pedestrians deserve safe walking paths, including safe crosswalks when they must cross streets in front of cars. Unfortunately, careless drivers don’t always take enough care at intersections and through quiet neighborhoods. They can speed or look at their cellphones, putting the next person on foot they approach in danger. Pedestrian accidents are a major problem for all residents in

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Oklahoma City Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Oklahoma City is a great place to live with plenty of things to see and do. And residents have many modes of transportation to choose from as they travel to work, to school, or the store. Some choose to walk to their destinations. Some become pedestrians when they park and get out to walk into stores and restaurants. But as

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