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Oklahoma Use of Cellphones While Driving Law

In Oklahoma, drivers cannot text, email, or type anything into a phone while driving. Violators can face fines if they are caught not paying attention to a cell phone and not the lanes ahead.

Can Oklahoma Drivers Use Cellphones While Driving?

As of 2024, normal drivers cannot text while driving but can use cell phones to make calls and hold cell phones while driving. Changes are being considered in the Oklahoma legislature that would make it illegal for drivers to hold a cell phone while driving.

Currently, the cellphone law for normal drivers reads like this:

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Statute 47-11-901

“It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle on any street or highway within this state while using a hand-held electronic communication device to manually compose, send, or read an electronic text message while the motor vehicle is in motion.”

This statute prohibits any kind of typing into a phone, which would also rule out emails, the use of social media, and taking photos and videos. Adult drivers can use cell phones to make calls. They can also listen to music or use an app for navigation purposes. The ban applies to times when the vehicle is moving.

Drivers are also okay to use a cell phone and/or text in an emergency to communicate with an emergency response operator, a hospital, or a physician. They are also allowed to call ambulance services, firefighters, or a law enforcement agency.

Drivers of commercial vehicles in Oklahoma, are not allowed to text or to make calls on a cell phone unless an emergency arises. This law also applies to public transit drivers and those driving for government vehicles.

Penalties for Texting While Driving in Oklahoma

Drivers convicted of texting while driving can face a penalty of $100. The penalty can go higher if there are previous distracted driving infractions. However, The Department of Public Safety is not allowed to access points against the driver’s record.

Motorists should keep in mind that officers are not allowed to pull them over simply for using a cell phone. Drivers must be driving erratically while using a cell phone to justify being stopped by a police officer or the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. If a driver causes an accident while using a phone, a citation could be issued.

Commercial drivers caught texting or making a cell phone call will face a stiffer penalty. Upon conviction guilty parties would face up to $500 in fines.

How Would Oklahoma House Bill 2228 Change Cell Phone Driving Laws?

House Bill 2228 would ban Oklahoma drivers from holding or using a handheld cellular phone or other electronic device when the vehicle is in motion. The bill was passed by a House safety committee in 2023. It is still being debated in the legislature as of the middle of 2024.

The bill would not restrict the use of hands-free devices. A violation of the potential law would result in a fine of $5 and limit court costs to $95.

Can Teen Drivers Use Cell Phones While Driving in Oklahoma?

No. Teen drivers are not allowed to use cell phones for any task while driving except in emergency situations. This law applies to all drivers under 18.

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