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Who goes first at a stop sign in Oklahoma?

At an Oklahoma intersection with stop signs in four directions, the vehicle that reached the intersection first can proceed. When two cars arrive at the same time, the driver on the left yields to the motorist on the right.

No matter what the law says, drivers should always show extra caution at intersections in places like Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Slowing down and paying attention can prevent many dangerous collisions, even if a careless driver makes a reckless decision.

Who Has the Right-of-Way at an Oklahoma City Intersection?

As Oklahoma motorists, we may think we know all of the most important traffic laws to keep ourselves, our passengers, and other drivers safe. But that confidence may go out the window when we arrive at an intersection at the exact same time as the driver.

According to Chapter 5 of the Oklahoma Driver Manual, the procedure should be the same at four-way stop sign intersections and at intersections without any signs or signals.

  • The driver that stops at the intersection first has the right-of-way to proceed first.
  • When two motorists arrive at the same time, the motorist on the right goes first. The driver on the left waits for the driver on the right to proceed.

Drivers stopping at intersections should also stop before the crosswalks. Drivers who pull into the intersection further than they should can make things more confusing for other motorists and also put pedestrians in danger.

Car Accidents at Oklahoma Intersections

In 2021, there were around 11,000 collisions involving injuries in Oklahoma. That’s according to the most recent crash data released from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. According to national estimates, almost half of those injuries are likely to have occurred in intersection crashes.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) finds that around 50% of all traffic injuries across the nation occur at intersections each year. Tragically, the FHA reported that 7,752 people died in collisions at unsignaled intersections across the nation in 2021.

It’s easy to see why a little extra caution at intersections can make a huge difference in Oklahoma’s injury and fatality rates each year. Allow other drivers to proceed if they jump out into the intersection. It’s better to wait a moment than to be involved in a scary impact.

Do I Need an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer After an Intersection Collision?

If you are in a car accident and only suffer minor injuries and/or car damage, you might not need the help of a lawyer.

But if you suffer a more serious injury and another driver is to blame, it’s a good idea to speak with a skilled Oklahoma car accident lawyer about your options. We offer a free, no-obligation case consultation to all victims in Oklahoma. Contact us  today to schedule a free case review.

It’s a great way to find out what your injury may be worth and how to prepare for the tactics car insurance companies will use to try to reduce the value of your claim.