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Ylla Gosney, Attorneys at Law represents anyone that’s been injured at entertainment venues in Oklahoma City. While events like the Oklahoma State Fair are typically enjoyable for the whole family, accidents can and often do happen there. Our team of Oklahoma City entertainment venue lawyers are here to streamline the legal process for you and your loved ones, allowing you to concentrate on getting better. To get started, contact us today for a free consultation.

Do You Even Need a Lawyer?

You technically don’t need a lawyer for any injury claim in Oklahoma, even for injuries at the Oklahoma State Fair. However, if you are injured, you might need significant help. Our experienced legal team can guide and support you. Here’s how we handle these cases:

  • We start with a free initial consultation to explain your rights and options.
  • If you decide to proceed, we help gather evidence and information.
  • We investigate the incident to determine what happened and who is responsible.
  • Once we have insurance information, we help you file a claim against the fair’s organizers or any other responsible party.
  • If the insurance process isn’t enough, we assist you in filing a lawsuit.

Our goal is to make things easier for you and your family. Since the fair is designed for families, especially those with young children, injuries can impact more than just you. Having our team on your side can simplify this challenging process.

What Legal Options Do You Have If You’re Hurt at the Oklahoma State Fair?

Legally, your options after an accident at the Oklahoma State Fair are similar to other types of accidents. However, the situation can be unique because there’s a lot of different things to do at the fair itself. But again, this doesn’t change your options. Typically, you’ll want to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit to recover financial support for your losses.

In a typical fair injury claim, you can recover things like:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Lost income or future earnings if you can’t work.
  • Reimbursement for damaged property.
  • Financial considerations for emotional distress, mental suffering, and physical pain.
  • Support for reduced quality of life.
  • Possible punitive damages for severe negligence by the fair or responsible party.

In Oklahoma, if you are partly responsible for an accident, it can affect your claim. This means your settlement could be reduced by the percentage of your fault. For example, if you’re 15% at fault for not following safety rules given to you by a ride operator, your damages will be reduced by the same 15%. This is known as “comparative negligence,” and if you’re more than 50% at fault, you’re not allowed to file a claim at all.

Obviously, the circumstances of your accident are going to be very important to your overall claim. This means it’s important to figure out who’s responsible.

Who’s Liable For an Accident at the Oklahoma State Fair?

Most people know that while visiting the Oklahoma State Fair is a memorable experience, there’s always a risk of getting hurt in an accident. What turns a normal accident into a potential legal claim is when it’s caused by “negligence.”

In legal terms, negligence refers to the duty of care the property has to keep you and others safe.

This is crucial in an accident at the Oklahoma State Fair because it determines who your claim will be against. Usually, the fair’s organizers and management (represented through the city or county government) will be responsible for covering your injuries, but in some cases, it could also involve:

  • Other attendees
  • Fair staff or employees
  • Ride operators or makers
  • Private security or maintenance workers
  • Manufacturers of faulty products
  • Firms that designed the fairgrounds

Determining liability is the first step in the claims process, and sets the course for how your claim will progress. But it’s also vital to take certain steps to protect your claim.

How Can You Protect Your Claim After Getting Hurt at the Oklahoma State Fair?

Getting hurt at the Oklahoma State Fair isn’t just scary, it’s often unexpected. After all, you don’t buy a ticket expecting to get hurt or having to deal with some type of injury. Yet, given the hectic environment, accidents can and often do happen there. At that point, it becomes important to take certain steps to protect your potential claim:

  • Report the accident to fair staff – Tell a fair staff member about the accident and make sure they notify their supervisor and other relevant authorities, including police.
  • Get medical care for any injuries – Your health should take priority at this point, so get immediate medical attention at the fair’s first aid station or a hospital for more serious injuries.
  • Document what happened – Note the details of the incident, including time and location, and take photos or videos of injuries and damages.
  • Collect evidence and other pertinent details – Gather witness statements, videos, photos, and any relevant documents. Keep all evidence intact and avoid repairing any damaged property.

Every accident is unique, but these steps will address immediate injuries and help protect and strengthen your potential claim. Remember, the more severe your injuries, the more challenging the situation can be. That’s when you can rely on our experienced team for support.

How Can You Get Hurt at the Oklahoma State Fair?

Given that the Oklahoma State Fair has rides, shows, and a variety of activities for families, it’s a popular destination. However, these environments can also lead to serious accidents and injuries. Again, with such a hectic environment and a wide variety of hazards, it’s not hard to see how you can get hurt. Specifically, though, accidents at the fair usually include the following:

  • Slip and falls – Guests might slip on wet floors, uneven paths, or debris on the ground.
  • Ride or mechanical malfunctions – Problems with rides can lead to injuries like whiplash or cuts.
  • Collisions – Accidents can happen between rides or with other people or objects.
  • Trip hazards – Uneven floors, loose wires, or equipment not secured properly can cause people to trip and fall.
  • Unsafe behavior – Running, pushing, or ignoring safety guidelines can result in accidents.
  • Lack of supervision – Insufficient supervision can lead to accidents involving children or inexperienced riders.
  • Criminal acts – Not having enough security or poorly lit areas and parking lots can lead to criminal incidents like assaults or robberies.
  • Food-related issues – Food poisoning or allergic reactions to food served at the fair.

As you can see, there’s a huge variety in the types of accidents that can happen to you at the Oklahoma State Fair. What’s worse, it’s not just limited to rides and other attractions. So, it can be confusing and scary. However, it’s key to remember that you have options and support if you need it from our team.

Contact Ylla Gosney After an Accident at the Oklahoma State Fair

Going to the Oklahoma State Fair is supposed to be a fun experience for you and your family. This changes quickly if you or someone you’re with gets hurt. At Ylla Gosney, our team of Oklahoma City lawyers understand what you’re going through and can help. We’ll explain your options and guide you through the legal process. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more.