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Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law represents Oklahoma City slip-and-fall victims after painful falls in public places. We help victims and their families demand full support from local businesses and property owners, and large corporate chains. We want our clients to be able to pay their hospital bills and get back on their feet. Our skilled Oklahoma City attorneys provide free case consultations to all victims. Contact us today to make sure you understand what your case is worth.

When Do I Need to Call Ylla|Gosney for Help?

If a business owner or a property owner’s negligence left you with a serious slip-and-fall injury, it may pay to talk over your case with a skilled slip-and-fall attorney. If your hospital bills are building, insurance companies often like to seek ways to avoid having to accept blame for your accident. They might try to blame you for your fall or convince you that filing an injury claim wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Your lawyer is your safeguard against these kinds of bad business practices. Your lawyer would secure the evidence necessary to keep insurance companies from pointing the figure of blame at you. Your lawyer would also monitor every settlement offer that came your way. If it didn’t cover all of your hospital bills and other damages, your lawyer would help you reject it and demand more.

Slip-And-Fall Injury Dangers in Oklahoma City

Slip-and-fall dangers are often found in places with a lot of foot traffic. We can go into busy supermarkets like Crest Foods or the Penn Square Mall and encounter spots where shoppers have dropped entire 32 Oz drinks. These liquids don’t seem that dangerous until your foot is pulled out from under you and you hit your head on a shelf or the hard tile.

Under Oklahoma’s premises liability laws, those puddles are actually the responsibility of the store owners and property owners. Store and business owners are supposed to monitor for messes and for places that need repair and remove those dangers. When they are negligent in this duty and allow someone to come along and get hurt, they can be held fully liable.

This “duty of care” is also in place for landlords who are supposed to keep apartment complexes and stairwells safe for tenants and visitors. Oklahoma City government is also responsible for removing hazards from public buildings and parks so that people can’t get hurt. Parking lots and parking garages are other places that could develop potholes or crumbling stairs that could send victims into falls.

Your Oklahoma City slip-and-fall accident lawyer would fully investigate the cause of your fall and collect all evidence of who was to blame. Then your lawyer includes this proof in an injury claim and holds out until you are presented with a settlement offer that gives you the maximum in compensation available.

Common Slip-And-Fall Injuries Treated in Oklahoma City Emergency Rooms

Holding business owners and operators, and others, accountable for slip-and-fall injuries becomes critical when you realize all of the serious and long-term injuries that can result from a fall.

These and other major injuries are all possible after a slip or a trip on a hazard left in the wrong place:

  • Wrist and Arm Fractures: Trip-and-fall victims throw their hands out in front of them to try to slow their falls. This might result in broken fingers, wrists, and the radius, ulna, and humerus bones.
  • Head Injuries: Victims sent forward or backward might hit their heads on something on the way down or strike their heads on the hard floor. A skull fracture is possible. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) could leave victims with headaches and unable to remember certain events.
  • Hip Injuries: A fall can also fracture a bone in the hip joint, especially in older victims. The loss of mobility while the hip heals can also lead to other health problems.
  • Knee Injuries: The knee cap may be the first part of the body to hit after a trip on a pothole. Knee caps can fracture and ligaments holding it in place might tear.
  • Facial Fractures: A fall forward may cause victims to land directly on the face. The nose and jaw could be broken. A permanent disfigurement may also result.
  • Tooth Damage:  Teeth could be left loose or they may end up dislodged and on the ground.

What Should I Do Immediately After a Slip-And-Fall Incident?

Your lawyer won’t be there at the scene right after you fall, so it may be up to you to collect the valuable evidence that will be available immediately after your injury.

Try to gather a few details. If you are unable to move due to your injury, ask someone with you or a witness to collect some evidence for you.

  • Call 911 if you are hurt. Get examined by EMTs. Let them transport you to the hospital if necessary.
  • Get photos of the obstacle that caused your fall before the culprits clean it up or repair it. Take pictures of any visible injuries or bleeding. Show the full scene and demonstrate if any safety signs were present.
  • Alert a store manager or property manager. The manager may need to fill out an incident report. This report can serve as evidence proving what happened.
  • Don’t comment that you are “okay.” This can be taken by an insurance company to mean that you aren’t injured. That may not be the case. You might not feel the pain of a hairline fracture or know you have a concussion until the shock of what happened wears off. Don’t talk about how badly you are hurt with the property owners or employees. Insurance companies could twist your comments later and use them as an excuse to reject your injury claim.
  • Ask witnesses for contact information.
  • Hang on to evidence. Keep the shoes you were wearing when you fell. Don’t wear them again until the case is resolved. If you fall at a store, keep your receipts from that day.
  • See your family doctor. Get all pain checked out. Follow your doctor’s orders by seeing specialists and attending physical therapy.
  • Call Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law. The sooner you turn your case over to a skilled lawyer, the sooner your attorney can start tracking down witnesses for testimony and securing any security footage available.

Compensation Available for Oklahoma City Slip-And-Fall Victims

Your Ylla|Gosney representative will collect invoices for every doctor visit and hospital trip you took. Your lawyer will get witness testimony on the record.

This and other evidence will be submitted in an injury claim, along with a full list of the hardships you and your family have faced. Every damage must be listed because anything left off is something the insurance company can ignore. That means you’d have to pay for a recovery bill out of your own pocket.

These and other hardships would all help determine the size of your slip-and-fall settlement check:

  • All current and future medical bills cost
  • Estimates on support for a permanent disability or a disfigurement. This can include a lifetime of home care, medical equipment, and future surgeries.
  • Totals on travel costs to and from doctor’s appointments and to see specialists in other cities.
  • Support for physical pain. You could expect compensation for any chronic pain you suffered.
  • Support for emotional trauma. You could expect support for the depression and anxiety experienced during a difficult recovery when you couldn’t enjoy your hobbies or participate in family activities.
  • Totals on your lost paychecks and benefits while you miss work.
  • Wrongful Death Support. Some victims suffer mobility issues after a slip-and-fall accident and wind up bedridden. While they are immobile and trying to heal, they can develop other life-threatening complications and end up losing their lives. In these cases, their family member can file wrongful death claims and seek support for funeral costs and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two years. Oklahoma personal injury victims have up to two years from the date of the injury to file injury claims. Acting quickly is still the best strategy because waiting can make evidence harder to find and witnesses more difficult to locate.

You won’t need any upfront money to hire Ylla | Gosney Attorneys At Law. We don’t accept payment unless we win your case. Then our fee comes out of the settlement you receive. We also adjust our fees to make sure you keep what you need to rebuild your life.

Not in most cases. Store chains and insurance companies don’t want to pay the cost of going to court. They’ll usually work hard to please you with a settlement offer if they know a lawsuit is a possibility. Your Ylla|Gosney attorney represents the threat of a lawsuit.

Contact an Oklahoma City Slip-And-Fall Accident Attorney

At Oklahoma City’s Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law we want to protect slip-and-fall victims until they are back on their feet again. You may not be sure if you have a strong personal injury case, but that’s exactly what our free legal consultations are for.

Find out what your case may be worth in this no-obligation case review with a real Oklahoma Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyer. At Ylla|Gosney, we offer a free consultation with no pressure to hire us. We simply want you to know everything you need to know before you decide on your next step.

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