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Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law represents the victims of defective CPAP machines living in Oklahoma. If you were injured using a CPAP machine, the costs of recovery should fall to the manufacturers. It’s critical that patients get the support they need to recover physically and financially from the harm that’s been done by negligent CPAP companies. Contact Ylla|Gosney for a free, no-obligation case review to find out what your case may be worth.

Who Could Have Been Harmed by CPAP Machines?

Victims who bought Philips BiPAP and CPAP machines have reported contracting respiratory illnesses and suffering lung injuries. Some victims have also claimed they developed cancer after using these machines.

The machines involved were sold between 2008 and 2021. Philips Respironics stopped selling the units thought to be causing harm in the U.S. A recall by Philips Respironics starting in 2021 has affected around 15 million machines worldwide. The recalls have mainly involved Philips DreamStation CPAP products.

A full list of the machines affected is provided by Philips here.

The FDA believes the machines pose life-threatening health risks when the foam inside them, used to reduce noise and motion, erodes.

According to the FDA, permanent damage can be done when the foam becomes airborne:

“If the foam breaks down, black pieces of foam, or certain chemicals that are not visible, could be breathed in or swallowed by the person using the device. The problems reportedly associated with the PE-PUR foam breakdown could potentially result in serious injury and may require medical intervention to prevent permanent injury.”

The FDA says they’ve received at least 561 reports of death attributed to the CPAP machine issue.

Philips shared the results of research into the health effects of the foam in question. The FDA demanded additional testing and Philips is currently conducting more research. Based on current information, the FDA maintains its recommendations regarding the potential health risks associated with the PE-PUR foam breakdown in these recalled devices.

What Kind of Support is Available for CPAP Injury Victims?

Since the frightening news of sick customers and the tragic loss of life, Philips has been offering support to victims and their families through settlement agreements.

Most recently the company announced a $1.1 billion settlement over injury claims. The New York Times reported on the agreement in April of 2024. They also noted that a $479 million settlement had also been reached the year before to aid patients and reimburse companies that had sold the devices.

The support will help those who have suffered, but it’s critical that victims hold Philips fully accountable.

Signing off on a “lowball” settlement agreement can still leave families to pay 50% or more of the health care costs made necessary by Philips’s negligence. An Oklahoma CPAP Injury Lawyer can help victims in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and across the state negotiate for the full support they’ll need to rebuild their health and their lives.

What Types of Illnesses Could Earn Support in a CPAP Injury Claim?

Research continues into the damaging effects of using these CPAP machines. The FDA reports the health concerns stem from the potential inhalation of particles from the “PE-PUR” foam the device is manufactured with.

PE-PUR can also break down and release certain chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the victim’s air passageways.

These are just a few of the health problems victims have reported to the FDA involving the breathing of foam particles:

  • Irritation to the skin, eyes, nose, and respiratory tract (airway)
  • Inflammatory response
  • Headache
  • Asthma
  • Toxic or cancer-causing effects

The chemicals released in the breakdown of PE-PUR have led to the report of some of the same and other harmful health problems:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Irritation in the eyes, nose, respiratory tract (airway), and skin
  • Hypersensitivity reaction, such as an allergic reaction or another immune system reaction
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Toxic and cancer-causing effects

Some victims have reported developing liver, lung, and breast cancer, and other forms of cancer.

What Kind of Hardships Can Earn Compensation for CPAP Machine Victims?

Ylla|Gosney helps you catalog each and every physical, emotional, and financial damage caused by exposure to the harmful substances in Philips’ CPAP machines.

Our researchers would retrieve medical evidence from years back to show the damage caused by the purchase and use of this dangerous healthcare product.

It’s absolutely key to make sure the court is aware of everything you’ve endured due to illnesses contracted by exposure. Anything left out of a lawsuit would be damages left for a family to pay out of their own pockets.

These and other factors would all have to be considered when determining the size of a CPAP settlement check or judgment:

  • Reimbursement for all medical bills
  • Support for the long-term damaging effects and any permanent physical disabilities suffered
  • Support for families in a wrongful death claim if CPAP exposure claimed the life of a loved one
  • Support for the pain victims have endured
  • Support for the emotional trauma victims have been put through
  • Loss of enjoyment of life when patients can’t participate in hobbies and family activities
  • Travel costs for treatment of symptoms
  • Travel costs for cancer patients seeking the best care available
  • Loss of income due to patients missing time at work

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m Already a Part of a CPAP Injury Legal Claim, Do I File to Receive Funds Under the New Settlement?

Yes. Even if you have already joined litigation against Philips, you will still need to file a claim under the new settlement deal to receive funds. An attorney with Ylla|Gosney Trial Lawyers makes sure you don’t miss out on the care and support you need.

Do I Have to Have a CPAP Injury Lawyer to Secure Money from Philips?

You don’t have to have a lawyer to file a claim against Philips, but you may miss out on receiving full compensation for everything you’ve been through. Not everyone will receive the same level of support, so your lawyer will be negotiating on your behalf and presenting strong evidence. It’s the best way to ensure Philips can’t ignore any part of your long health battle.

What If I Can’t Afford to Hire a CPAP Injury Lawyer?

You won’t need to worry about having the money to hire Ylla|Gosney. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement Philips must provide to you and your family.

Contact an Oklahoma CPAP Injury Lawyer

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