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At Ylla Gosney, Attorneys at Law, our team of Oklahoma truck accident lawyers are here to represent you and your family after a life-altering Amazon truck accident. We will walk you through the complex legal process and help you recover damages during this difficult time. Please contact us to set up a free and no-obligation consultation for the help you need.

Do You Need Help from a Lawyer?

Many individuals decide that they will try to handle their personal injury case on their own after an Amazon truck accident. This is possible if you have sustained minor cuts or bruises, or your property damages were low. However, there are some situations where the help of an attorney may be helpful and even necessary. If you have sustained serious injuries and damages in your accident, an attorney can help you in some of the following ways:

  • Determining who is responsible in your accident
  • Collecting and preserving evidence like medical records, photographs, witness statements, and more
  • Talking with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Providing support to you to ease you through the legal process

What Causes Accidents with Oklahoma Amazon Trucks?

Many individuals in Oklahoma and throughout the rest of the U.S. use Amazon on a weekly basis. Because of this, a massive number of drivers hit the roads in Amazon trucks and vans on a daily basis to meet Amazon’s delivery demands. This means that many types of accidents involving these vehicles occur daily, such as the following:

  • Speeding Due to Deadlines: When Amazon drivers have to meet tight deadlines, they might engage in driving practices that lead to accidents. One of these practices is speeding from one destination to the next.
  • Driver Inexperience: When a driver is not experienced with driving an Amazon truck or was hired with no proper training, an accident could occur in the blink of an eye.
  • Distracted Driving: A driver who spends a long period of time on our roads may become distracted by a phone, GPS, or another device. Anything that distracts a driver and takes their attention from the road can lead to an accident.
  • Lack of Proper Maintenance: If an Amazon truck is not properly maintained, a serious accident could result from this lack of maintenance.
  • Unfamiliar Neighborhoods: A driver might enter areas that they are not familiar with. This can increase the risk of an accident.

The more that you and others understand about how these accidents occur, the higher the chance that these accidents can be prevented on Oklahoma roads. Having an attorney on your side after an accident can be incredibly beneficial.

Who is Responsible for an Amazon Truck Accident?

One of the biggest challenges that you may face after an accident involving an Amazon truck is determining who is responsible for the accident. In a majority of cases, the driver will be liable for the accident in some way. There are other parties who could be held accountable for one of these accidents, however. These include:

  • Amazon, if the driver is employed by them
  • A manufacturer of truck parts
  • Individuals who were a passenger inside the truck
  • A government agency, particularly if a damaged road led to the accident

In some cases, the Amazon driver might not actually be employed by Amazon. They might be considered an independent contractor instead. This means that you will file a claim against the driver’s personal insurance coverage, provided they have it. Because personal injury claims against Amazon or another party can come with many complications, it is crucial that you seek legal help as soon as possible following a collision.

What Damages Can You Expect in Your Claim?

Regardless of whether you file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, you could be eligible for a wide array of damages against a responsible party. Some of the damages you may be able to recover after an accident involving an Amazon truck include:

  • Medical costs that you have suffered and ones you may incur in the future
  • Lost income and potential loss of earnings in the future
  • Physical and emotional suffering caused by the accident
  • Reduced enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death damages if a life was lost due to an accident
  • Punitive damages in certain cases

If you want to move forward with a successful claim following an Amazon truck accident, you must abide by Oklahoma’s statute of limitations. These deadlines are put in place to ensure you file your claim in enough time. In Oklahoma, you have two years from the time you discover your injuries to file a lawsuit before you are barred from doing so.

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Facing the aftermath of an Amazon truck accident is never an easy thing to do. From emotional damages to the financial losses you suffer, our attorneys at Ylla Gosney, Attorneys at Law are here for you. We will provide you with the support that you need so that you can get back on your feet during this difficult experience. Contact our Oklahoma truck accident lawyers today for a free and completely confidential case review.