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Many Tulsa residents rely on their bikes to travel to work, class, or the store. Others turn to bike rides to enjoy some exercise and stress relief. And children are often on neighborhood streets and around parks riding as part of playtime.

No matter how old you are and why you ride, you deserve to return home safely every time. That can be challenging with the way some Tulsa drivers speed down streets and stare at cell phones instead of the lanes. Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law commissioned a study of recent bike accident statistics to hopefully remind drivers of the damage they can do when they get careless. We hope this reminder can lead to a safer 2024 and beyond.

How Many Bicycle Accidents Occur in Tulsa Each Year?

In the most recent traffic accident figures available, Tulsa averaged around 63 bicycle collisions involving cars a year. That was the average between 2017 and 2021.

Cyclists have the same rights as drivers when using Tulsa Streets. But drivers who are reckless and ignorant of the law can endanger cyclists traveling beside or in front of them. Even with the protection of bike lanes, like those along 11th Street, distracted drivers can still veer over on riders and make turns directly in front of vulnerable cyclists.

Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) documented at least 57 bicycle collisions in Tulsa in 2021. In comparison, Oklahoma City recorded around 88 bicycle accidents for the year.

Tulsa registered 57 bicycle accidents involving collisions with motorists in 2021

The OHSO details how over that five-year span, 33 of the victims were 12 and under, 23 victims were teenagers (13-17), and 257 victims were adults (18 and older).

Going further back, the City of Tulsa reports there were 346 collisions involving a cyclist in the city between 2011 and 2016. Those accidents resulted in at least four deaths.

By the OHSO’s count, fatalities have been on the rise since then. Tulsa lost at least three people to bicycle impacts in 2021 alone. The consequences of unsafe driving also lead to many serious injuries each year for cyclists. These devastating collisions force riders off their bikes for months or years.

Tulsa recorded 4 bicycle accident victims left with serious injuries as well as three tragic deaths in 2021.

What Types of Hazards Cause Tulsa Bicycle Accidents?

Local cyclists already know the hazards that drivers look at cell phones while behind the wheel can cause. Riders are used to having to dodge these careless motorists. There are other mistakes drivers make that add even more risk to each ride a cyclist takes.

There are certain reckless decisions and certain types of drivers who are more likely to cause bicycle accidents. Of course, not every cause of a bicycle accident is known. Not every distracted driver admits they were sending a text when they struck a defenseless rider.

According to Oklahoma state officials, these were some of the biggest dangers for cyclists over a seven-year span (2015-2021) on Tulsa roads:

Over a seven year span, Teen drivers caused 17 bicycle accidents in Tulsa. Hit-and-Run Drivers caused 104 bicycle collisions.

As if riders don’t have enough to deal with, accident victims often have to seek help after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. When heartless drivers speed away, they can leave victims on the road and in the path of other unsuspecting drivers.

Victims might also have to wait longer on life-saving medical care when hit-and-run drivers don’t report a collision immediately. The OHSO documented at least 10 bicycle collisions involving a hit-and-run driver in 2021.

Where Does Oklahoma Rank for Bicycle Accidents?

U.S. transportation officials report that Oklahoma recorded 12 bicycle fatalities in 2021. That ranks around 21st among all states and represents a 1.6% share of all Oklahoma traffic fatalities. By comparison, Florida saw the most fatal bicycle accidents with 197 in 2021.

The OHSO recorded 291 bicycle accidents across the state in 2021. According to their figures, Oklahoma lost at least 13 precious lives to cycling accidents.

Oklahoma documented 291 bicycle collisions in 2021 with a resulting 13 deaths. That was down slightly from 2020's 296 accidents.

When looking at the overall picture of cycling safety for the nation, the toll on human lives is heartbreaking. Traffic accident experts documented 966 bicycle fatalities in 2021 across the nation. That was up from 948 deaths in 2020. 2021’s figure accounted for 2.2 percent of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. What’s more, an estimated 41,615 Americans were injured in bicycle accidents for the year.

Hoping for Safe Rides in 2024 and Beyond

The responsibility to keep cyclists safer in the coming years lies largely with Tulsa drivers. Anyone who gets in the driver’s seat must make a conscious effort to monitor every side of the road for riders and slow down when approaching them.

Unfortunately, drivers will continue to hit defenseless cyclists and riders will continue to face difficult and expensive recoveries. When these heartbreaking accidents occur, victims must receive the support they need to heal and get back on their bikes again. A skilled Tulsa Bicycle Accident Lawyer can help you seek justice and compensation after a collision. Please contact us to schedule a free case consultation if you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury.

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