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How To Get an Accident Report from Tulsa Police Department

An accident along Yale Avenue or on a busy Peoria Avenue could leave you with major vehicle damage and even a serious injury. If you don’t want to be stuck with the bills for repairs and emergency room expenses, you may have to prove that you weren’t to blame for an accident.

An accident report from the Tulsa Police Department could prove to be an important piece of evidence to keep the blame and liability on the true at-fault driver. Knowing how to secure a collision report can help you earn the support you need after a crash.

Requesting a Police Collision Report from The Tulsa Police Department

Before you begin your search for an accident report, you should know that if your accident only involved property damage, your car insurance representative may already be trying to secure the report. If you have already hired a Tulsa car accident lawyer, your lawyer will secure this report for you.

If you request one, it’s always smart to wait at least a week before inquiring. This gives the Tulsa police officer who investigated your crash time to complete and enter your report.

To request a report you can visit the Tulsa Police Department’s Public Records Center. Here you can create a log-in and request the report for your accident. You’ll also be able to see when the report is done. You should have information handy on the date and location of your accident and the names of the motorists involved. A case/report number will also be helpful.

Requesting a Tulsa Police Accident Report By Mail

To request a crash report by mail, you’ll need to download this form and fill it out.

Once complete, you’ll mail it to:

Records Custodian
Tulsa Police Records
P.O. Box 1027
Tulsa, OK 74103

For questions or concerns call the Records Office at (918) 596-2828.

What Is the Cost of a Police Report?

If you are requesting a report for an accident you were in, there may be no charge for your report. A city ordinance states that “…an individual identified as the victim of a criminal offense in the police record, or a pedestrian, an occupant, or an owner whose property was directly involved in a traffic collision report may receive one free copy.”

Otherwise, the police department has been authorized to charge $3 per copy of a report that’s ten pages or less. There may be a $1 charge for each page beyond ten.

Contact A Skilled Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer If You Are Injured

If your accident involves only property damage, you may not need the help of a lawyer to get your car repaired and your wallet reimbursed. But if you suffer injuries that go beyond a few bumps and bruises, you should contact Ylla | Gosney Attorneys at Law. Car insurance companies go to work trying to downplay injuries or shift blame when expensive medical bills are involved. Your lawyer will be a valuable safeguard to make sure you are treated fairly.

We offer a free, no-obligation case review with a real Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer. Contact us as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that if you do need our help to earn more, you won’t need any upfront money to hire us. We don’t accept payment unless we win your case. Then our fee comes out of the settlement you receive. We also adjust our fees to make sure you keep what you need to rebuild your life.