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Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law in Tulsa holds dog owners accountable when victims suffer serious dog bites. We also represent victims who are bitten while at dog parks. Dog owners are still liable for the actions of their dogs at any Tulsa dog park. Our skilled dog bite attorneys provide free, no-obligation case consultations to all victims. Contact us today to find out what your case is worth.

Dog Bite Dangers at Tulsa Dog Parks

Tulsa residents enjoying dog parks with their four-legged friends may not realize the kinds of risks they will be exposed to on their visit.

Visitors to dog parks rarely only interact with their own dogs. It’s part of the fun to meet other pets. Unfortunately, dog park visitors can reach down to pet an unfamiliar dog and receive a painful bite. Victims may end up with a deep puncture wound after getting in between two dogs playing roughly.

These and other dangers are present in these Tulsa Area Dog Parks and others:

  • Joe Station Dog Park
  • Biscuit Acres Dog Park
  • Gunboat Park North Dog Park/Route 66 Dog Park
  • Bark West Dog Park

After you or a family member suffers a bite at a park, you may quickly be forced to consider who should be paying for an ambulance ride and a trip to the emergency room. And that may not be the end of the expenses. Fortunately, Oklahoma allows victims to seek compensation from dog owners, even after an incident in a dog park.

Insurance companies representing dog owners won’t provide the support you need to pay off your medical debt automatically. They’ll first try everything possible to avoid having to accept blame for what happened. They may try to blame you. They may question the diagnosis your doctor makes and say your injuries aren’t all that bad. Your Tulsa dog bite lawyer fights back against these weak arguments and makes sure you receive the maximum in compensation available.

Who Can I Hold Accountable After Getting Bit At a Dog Park?

Oklahoma is a “strict liability” dog bite state. In some states, dog owners aren’t liable for bites if the dog doesn’t have a history of biting or aggressive behavior. That’s not the case in our state. Dog owners are responsible for a bite wound even if it’s the first time a dog has bitten anyone.

The legal concept of strict liability is in place to make it easier for dog bite victims to hold someone accountable. If a dog bites someone, the dog owner is liable in most cases.

Strict liability for the pet owner would apply unless:

  • The victim was trespassing.
  • The victim provoked the dog.

Generally, a victim wouldn’t be trespassing while at a city-operated dog park. The victim could seek compensation for physical, financial, and emotional damages stemming from a bite and a difficult medical recovery.

Victims would file an injury claim against the dog owner’s homeowners or renter’s insurance provider and seek support for their past hospital bills

Your Ylla|Gosney dog bite attorney would fully investigate your case and collect all evidence and witness testimony available. Your lawyer identifies all parties that may be held responsible for what happened to you and then files as many injury claims as necessary. It’s a critical step to make sure you can pay your hospital bills and support yourself and your family while you are down with an injury.

Can I Hold The City of Tulsa Responsible After Getting Bitten at a Dog Park?

In most cases, the city is protected from liability for biting incidents that occur in the dog park. Dog parks are usually considered “use at your own risk” locations. In most cases, victims wouldn’t be able to sue the city after an injury.

The same protection would often protect property owners and property management companies from having to accept responsibility. Private dog parks at apartment complexes and within neighborhoods will be marked with “use at your own risk” signs as well. You may also be asked to sign a waiver for the dog park when you move in.

This protection is in place when victims are hurt due to the normal risks expected when entering a dog park enclosure. But if a hazard goes beyond the normal risks, you might be justified in asking for financial help. An apartment management company could have reports of a dangerous dog belonging to a tenant but fail to take action. If you suffer a bite at a dog park, you might have legal grounds to demand compensation. You should take advantage of a free consultation with a Ylla|Gosney attorney when you have questions.

Contact a Tulsa Dog Bite Lawyer

The victims of dog bites are empowered by state law to seek damages, including money to pay all current hospital bills and support needed for future care. A claim would ask for help in replacing paychecks the victim lost while having to miss work with an injury. Victims of dog bites at dog parks could also earn compensation for the physical pain and emotional trauma they’d endured.

To find out more about what your case may be worth and how to hold a dog owner fully accountable, schedule a free consultation with a real Tulsa Dog Bite LawyerContact us as soon as possible. There’s no pressure to file a lawsuit suit or even use our services if you decide to file. We just want to inform you of everything you need to know before you decide on your next move.