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Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law represents Tulsa slip-and-fall accident victims. We help fall victims secure the support they need to recover physically and financially. We aren’t afraid to demand full compensation from property owners and large corporate store chains on behalf of our clients. Our skilled Tulsa attorneys provide free case consultations to all victims. Contact us today to make sure you know what your case is worth before trusting insurance representatives with your claim.

When Do I Need to Call a Lawyer After a Slip-And-Fall Accident?

If your fall only results in some minor bruising and soreness, you may not need a lawyer for your case. But if that slip-and-fall causes a serious injury, like a broken bone or a head injury, turning your case over to a lawyer gives you a better chance of securing the money you need to recover physically and financially.

Your accident may leave you seeking money from a supermarket chain or a property management company. These businesses have enough money to pay teams of lawyers. You could need a lawyer of your own to balance the scales.

Insurance companies and corporate lawyers can try to turn the blame back on you and say that you were clumsy. They may claim that your injury isn’t as serious as your doctor says it is. Your lawyer is your defense against these and other baseless arguments. A skilled Tulsa slip-and-fall accident lawyer secures the evidence necessary to keep an insurer from escaping accountability for your injury and your difficult recovery.

Tulsa Trip-And-Fall Hazards

Spilled drinks and puddles are one of the most common hazards that shoppers can run into. Other customers may drop ice and soft drinks on that shiny floor, creating an ultra-slick spot. Bathroom floors often become like ice due to soap and water spills. Water might build up on the floors of produce sections at supermarkets like Whole Foods. Signs should be out when it rains and mops at the ready so customers can’t slip on water pooling up at the entrance.

Solid debris on aisles leads to trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall hazards. Cluttered store displays or curled-up rugs might send someone falling forward to land on a kneecap. Candy left on the floor can roll people’s feet out from under them. Lumber and nails left in aisles at hardware stores like Home Depot also make each step dangerous.

The outside of businesses like restaurants and hotels are also the owner’s responsibility. Potholes and broken sidewalks lead to trip-and-fall injuries. Landscaping hazards could also take an unsuspecting victim down to fracture a hip.

Your Tulsa slip-and-fall accident lawyer would fully investigate the cause of your fall and collect all evidence of who was to blame. Then your lawyer includes this proof in an injury claim and holds out until you are presented with a settlement offer that gives you the maximum in compensation available.

Who Can Be Held Responsible After a Tulsa Slip-And-Fall Accident?

Slip-and-fall accidents are covered under Oklahoma’s premises liability laws. These legal protections hold property owners and business owners responsible for the safety of anyone they invite onto their properties. They must show a “duty of care” towards clients, customers, employees, and tenants.

This duty of care means they are liable for the safety of guests from the parking lot of a business to the back bathrooms. Owners and operators aren’t just responsible for the hazards they create. They must also monitor their stores and properties for hazards created by other customers and tenants. These dangers should be spotted in a reasonable amount of time and removed before you have the chance to get hurt.

These are just some of the individuals and companies that could be responsible if you suffer a slip-and-fall injury:

  • Store Owners and Corporate Chains – Business owners are responsible for their customer’s safety from the front entryway to the back aisle and beyond. Places like Walmart or Reasor’s must monitor for spills and clean them up in a reasonable amount of time or pay out compensation when someone falls.
  • Landlords and Property Management Companies – Property owners who operate apartment buildings and other residential properties are responsible for removing hazards that could send a tenant or visitor falling down a set of broken stairs or slipping around a pool. When they don’t clean up or repair dangers, they can be liable for a victim’s recovery costs.
  • Employers – Workspaces must be kept clear of debris so that employees can’t fall and get hurt. Any work hours lost while the worker healed from a painful fall would be the employer’s responsibility.
  • The City of Tulsa – Government buildings and city parks should be free of trip-and-fall hazards. If you slip and hit your head on an obstacle, you are permitted to seek help with your medical bills from the city. Be aware that there are usually tighter deadlines on suing local government entities. Speak with a Ylla|Gosney representative to make sure you don’t miss your window of opportunity.

What to Do After a Slip-And-Fall Injury?

Property and business owners may owe you support if they caused a fall, but they will be trying their best to prove that they didn’t contribute to your accident. What’s more, grocery and restaurant chains can afford corporate lawyers who will also be working to limit what you take home in compensation.

Your lawyer will be gathering all the evidence possible to prevent their unfair attempts to discredit you, but you can also help strengthen your own case in the moments after a fall.

Contact 911 if you are injured. Then, if you are strong enough to move, try to preserve the evidence you find around you:

  • Get checked out by paramedics. Go to the emergency room if necessary.
  • Get photos of the scene and the hazard that sent you to the ground. That obstacle will probably be cleaned up or repaired as soon as you leave. Show any visible injuries and take pictures of any safety signs. If there are no hazard signs or safety tape out, show that too.
  • Alert a manager. At a business or residential property tell a manager what happened. They’ll probably need to fill out an incident report.
  • Ask witnesses for contact information.
  • Hang on to evidence. Keep the shoes you were wearing when you fell. Don’t wear them again until your lawyer says it’s okay. If you fall at a store, keep your receipts from that day.
  • See your family doctor. Get all pain checked out. Follow your doctor’s orders by seeing specialists and attending physical therapy.
  • Call Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law. The sooner you turn your case over to a skilled lawyer, the sooner they can start tracking down witnesses for testimony and securing any security footage available.

Compensation Available for Tulsa Slip-And-Fall Victims

Your lawyer will be preparing your insurance claim and backing up your demands for compensation with evidence. Your lawyer lists every hardship you and your family have suffered. That’s an important task because anything left off won’t contribute to your slip-and-fall injury settlement check.

These and other factors will have to be considered when determining what you’ll demand from a commercial liability insurance provider:

  • Hospital and rehabilitation cost totals
  • Estimates on lifelong support for a permanent disability or a disfigurement
  • Totals on travel costs to and from doctor visits
  • Support for physical pain
  • Support for emotional trauma
  • Totals on your lost paychecks and benefits while you miss work
  • Wrongful Death Support. Some victims suffer mobility issues after a slip-and-fall accident and end up bedridden. While they are immobile and trying to heal, they can develop other life-threatening complications and end up losing their lives. In these cases, their family member can file wrongful death claims and seek support for funeral costs and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only give basic information. The insurance adjuster will ask for a recorded statement. You aren’t required to give one. In fact, it can hurt your case. Insurers hope that you say something they can twist later to damage your claim.


Two years. Oklahoma personal injury victims have up to two years from the date of the injury to file injury claims. Acting quickly is still the best strategy because waiting can make evidence harder to find and witnesses more difficult to locate.

You won’t need any upfront money to hire Ylla | Gosney Attorneys At Law. We don’t accept payment unless we win your case. Then our fee comes out of the settlement you receive. We also adjust our fees to make sure you keep what you need to rebuild your life.

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