Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers

Fighting for Your Rights to Equatible Settlements

Ylla | Gosney defends every Oklahoman that needs defending

Ylla | Gosney is made up of Oklahoma attorneys that fight for Oklahoma citizens and their rights to equitable settlements. 

Each of our attorneys graduated from an Oklahoma law school and lives in or around Oklahoma City to keep serving Oklahoma residents.

Our experience covers all kinds of personal injury cases, from car wrecks to slip and falls.

Between all of our attorneys, we are licensed to practice in any Oklahoma court (district court, federal court, and even the court of appeals) to represent you wherever you need.

Our Mission

We started this firm to represent Oklahomans against insurance companies and huge law firms with armies of lawyers. We know the tricks and the depth of resources insurance companies have, and we approach every case like it’s winnable. 

With that mindset, and our client-first mentality, Ylla | Gosney defends every Oklahoman that needs defending. 

No case is too big or too small.

Our Values


Everything a Ylla | Gosney attorney does comes from a place of respect and caring. We care about the outcome of your case, how quickly you get back to work, and your recovery too. We also know that care doesn’t just extend to you – but to your loved ones and all those who rely on you. 

That’s why we take our role in your personal injury case so seriously. We want you to recover, to take care of yourself, and let us handle the case. You’ll know everything we know, but you’ll be able to focus on yourself and your family while you get better. 

By prioritizing our clients, we don’t just get the best settlement and offer the best legal defense we can. Whether you need your car back or don’t know who to turn to for medical advice, we use our experience and connections to take care of everything you need. 


The best part about hiring a Ylla | Gosney attorney is that we won’t give you the runaround. We know how anxious of a process this is so we strive to keep you informed and give you the answers you need. 

That way you’ll know your case is getting handled the way you want it, in the time you need it done. Transparency and communication are how we demonstrate our client-first mentality. We will call you back, return your emails, and follow up with you every step of the way. 

We know that this is more than just your case, it’s your life. It’s your livelihood, your car, your medical bills. We don’t take any of that lightly and want to provide peace of mind however we can. Our clients are our priority, especially when it comes to whatever financial compensation you receive.  


Personal injury cases can be dragged out for months or even years by despondent attorneys and insurance companies who just want to wear you down. Ylla | Gosney is not like that. We want this settled and resolved, fast. 

The quicker we wrap up your case, the sooner you’re able to move on with your life. That’s why we do things efficiently and quickly. We want this ugly chapter of your life done as quickly as possible, with a little money in your pocket to help you. 


We’ve been at this for quite some time. Ylla | Gosney attorneys are experienced at all kinds of personal injury cases. We know our opponents and the lawyers that represent them, as well as their methods and their tricks. 

Between all of our attorneys, we have decades of experience in every court of Oklahoma. This knowledge allows us to anticipate our opponent’s every move, understand their processes, and avoid protracted settlement talks or even litigation to resolve your case sooner rather than later.

What Our Clients Are Saying