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Semi-trucks require special kinds of insurance, lots of tests, and regular maintenance checks by trucking companies for them to be on the road.

Delivery trucks, commercial trucks, and fleet trucks are all screened before a licensed truck driver can operate them. 

Even with all those regulations, they are still incredibly dangerous to other drivers.

The weight of them, their limited visibility, and increased load capacity make them more dangerous than passenger cars. 

Having a lawyer on your side will make your truck accident claim easier on you.

By hiring any of the experienced truck accident attorneys at work in Oklahoma City, you’ll be able to put this accident behind you with some cash in your pocket. 

Though trucks are dangerous in their own way, truck accidents have a lot in common with motor vehicle accidents. Whether your semi-truck accident left you with severe injuries or property damage, a truck accident law firm like Ylla | Gosney has the experience you need to handle your personal injury suit. 

Dealing with the big insurance company, other drivers, and lawyers that represent them is our specialty. Our contingency pricing structure ensures that we only get paid when you do, plus we are prepared to evaluate our award if your settlement isn’t enough to cover your losses. 

If you’re seeking legal advice, we offer it free with your first case review. 

If you’re looking for an advocate to get you the thousands of dollars you deserve, having trucking accident lawyers like Ylla | Gosney on your side will get the job done.

Facts About Truck Accidents

We know truck crashes can be dangerous, both to the truck driver and the truck accident victims.

Compared to other commercial vehicles, semi-trucks can be dangerous and even lethal. 

Take a look at some facts about truck accidents: 

Truck-related accidents can result in damage, injury, and even death. You need a personal injury attorney if you hope to get the financial compensation you deserve from the responsible parties and put it behind you. 

What To Do After a Trucking Accident

When you’re in an accident, it may be difficult to keep your wits about you. Follow these steps to protect yourself and any other passengers: 

Immediate Steps

  1. Assess the damage to yourself and any other passengers.
  2. Immediately evaluate the scene and call for help, if you can. 
  3. Take pictures and get any contact information from witnesses or the other drivers. 
  4. Call your insurance company and schedule a time to give your statement. When talking to your insurance company and the other insurance company involved, be very cautious about claiming fault and dictating fault. 
  5. Cooperate with authorities and receive medical attention, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. 
  6. Keep records of everything! 

Laws and Statutes Regarding Trucking Accidents

Laws vary state by state, that’s why it’s important to find a lawyer that’s experienced in the state of the accident. Here are some Oklahoma particulars and statutes that can impact your case: 

  1. Oklahoma has a two year statute of limitations for personal injury cases like truck accident cases. 
  2. Oklahoma is an at-fault state, so if a driver is the one at fault, they’re responsible for the damages from that accident. 
  3. Damages can be anything from the medical bills resulting from the crash to the property damage of the cars and trucks involved. They can be punitive (to punish) or compensatory (to compensate). 
  4. Oklahoma has a comparative negligence threshold of 50%. If a party is more than 50% at-fault, they can’t seek compensation for the damages of the crash. 

The experienced attorneys at Ylla | Gosney know how to navigate Oklahoma legal nuances like this, avoid legal pitfalls, and get your case done fast. 

Truck-related accidents can result in damage, injury, and even death. You need a personal injury attorney if you hope to get the financial compensation you deserve from the responsible parties and put it behind you. 


Damages, whether they be punitive or compensatory, are the financial results of the suit or the settlement.

Most personal injury cases are resolved out of court, to avoid costly court expenses. 

Though there may be pleadings or settlement conferences overseen by judges or mediators, these all occur before a trial. An out-of-court settlement is less risky for insurance companies and will be less costly for them in the long run. 

That settlement is the result of settlement negotiations.

Compensation Process

  1. Low-ball settlement offer
  2. Desperate plaintiff accepts it 
  3. Or, with the help of an experienced attorney, a counter offer is proposed. 
  4. Rejected or accepted based on evidence. 

This back and forth continues until you accept a settlement offer. Your personal injury law firm will propose financial awards based on your expenses, injuries, and costs so far and projected. 

Settlement Reimbursement

Your settlement award can be used to reimburse you for expenses like:

  • Previously paid medical expenses or outstanding balances
  • Property damage
  • Future medical costs

A Ylla | Gosney attorney is equipped to get you the settlement offer you need, hammer out the details, and ensure the award you get helps put this truck accident behind you.