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After you’ve been injured in a car accident, the last thing you need to worry about is a lawsuit.

As an accident victim, you still have to deal with medical care from your accident injuries, plus car repairs or even a replacement car after the auto accident. Not to mention the strain of dealing with medical providers and insurance companies. 

There’s no easy way to alleviate all those headaches. You certainly don’t have to do it alone, though. All kinds of motor vehicle accidents come with their own unique set of circumstances. The right personal injury attorneys can help you navigate your accident journey to receive the fair compensation you deserve

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When you’re choosing legal representation, it’s crucial you choose a law firm that is prepared to fight for your best interests. This means aggressive representation in negotiations and even during trial, if it comes to that. 

At Ylla | Gosney, we prioritize our clients even before they’re our clients and long after their case is settled. We offer a free initial consultation so you can understand the claims process even before you file suit. 

Our services are offered on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless you do.

Also, we are prepared to adjust our fee if you don’t get the award you need to compensate you. 

We understand that you’ve got a lot of questions about the legal process involved in your accident claim, what to expect from a settlement, and what a personal injury lawyer can do for you.

As experienced accident lawyers, we’ve prepared this guide to answer some of your pressing questions.  

What to Know About Car Accidents

Car accidents are more prevalent, and more dangerous, than you probably think. According to NHTSA, at least thirteen car accidents occur every minute. That means that in the time it took to read this sentence, there has been at least one car accident. 

Here are some other startling facts about car accidents and their ramifications.

Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents can produce a variety of injuries ranging in severity.

Though the most common injury is whiplash, car accidents frequently result in sprains, broken bones, and even death from impact of complications later on. 

Though it will not alleviate your pain, the cost of medical treatment is an undue burden for an accident victim to bear.

The right experienced car accident attorneys can alleviate that strain by pursuing maximum compensation for your injuries and resulting damage.

Oklahoma Traffic Laws Explained

Steps to Follow After an Accident

When in an accident, immediately assess your injuries and any other passengers. If you find you are able to move and are in a position to do so, check on the other driver and their passengers. 

You should call the authorities and do not disrupt the scene until you’ve documented everything. Pictures, diagrams of the scene, notes on your version of events will be helpful later on. Narratives become conflated and it’s difficult to remember what happened when, as it usually happens very fast. 

The most important thing to do is to not panic and not admit fault or do anything that would be perceived as admitting fault. Even apologizing can be seen as an admission of guilt.

Records to Keep

Police officers and insurance adjusters will do their best to assign blame based on police reports, accident reports, and witness statements. Everything you see and say can be used to determine compensation later. 

In the days or months that follow the accident, be sure to keep copies of any of the following:

  • Police and accident reports

  • Photos from you or any other witnesses

  • Witness contact information

  • Communications between you and the other drivers, their insurance companies, or legal representation

  • Medical bills, payments, and records

Why Documentation Matters

All of this information is used to evaluate your injuries, financial damages, and your eventual settlement offers.

Your lawyer and your opposing lawyer or insurance company’s lawyer will also have access to this information, but only through a series of requests and authorizations. 

When your lawyer has this information already, it’s that much easier for them to generate a detailed settlement demand backed up by evidence.

That evidence makes it much harder for your insurance company or another lawyer to refute the value of your damages.

Laws Regarding Your Accident

Your case is a kind of personal injury lawsuit, a civil suit that is brought from one individual against another individual or entity. Most often, it is you suing an insurance company (yours or another at fault driver or at fault party). 

This type of suit has specific laws that control the extent of damages you can get from it, the time frame in which you can pursue a case, and the kind of insurance used to pay for it.

There are several nuanced laws and protocols that can impact your personal injury lawsuit and your ability to get paid. Be sure to choose an experienced attorney to help you

Oklahoma sets aside a certain window of opportunity for this case. You can only file suit two years, at the latest, from the date of the accident. After that, you are not legally allowed to pursue compensation. 

Car insurance is legally required to have a license and operate a motor vehicle. Part of that car insurance is property damage liability, which is meant to cover the costs if a driver is considered at-fault. 

This liability is different from bodily injury liability, which covers the costs of other drivers’ medical expenses. 

Oklahoma is an at-fault state, meaning that any party determined to be at-fault is liable for the extent of the damage from the crash. However, fault can be divided between parties. 
If you are considered 50% or more at fault, you are not legally permitted to seek compensation.

As long as your fault is less than that of another at-fault party’s, you may seek compensation. This compensation may be impacted by your determined fault. 


If everyone has car insurance and liability, why is there even a question of financial compensation? Shouldn’t you just be able to show an insurance company your medical bills and kindly request they pay? 

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. That requires fighting every last nickel and dime of spending and insurance payouts. They like to haggle, blame, and wear you down until you’ve conceded to pay for your own accident injuries. 

That’s where a personal injury attorney comes in. Once they’ve sent a letter of representation, an insurance company usually takes notice.

If your lawyer sends a settlement demand supported by documentation, it’s that much easier. 

Compensation and Damages

This compensation comes in the form of damages which are meant to pay for your current and future medical expenses as a result of the crash. They can either reimburse you if you’ve already paid or establish funds for future treatment and payments. 

Compensatory Damages

These are meant to reimburse you for the various costs you incur as a result of the accident. They can be economic or non-economic.

Economic damages are easily determined by money spent and projected costs, like medical expenses or lost wages. 

Non-economic damages  are more difficult to define and can range from pain and suffering to mental anguish.

Punitive Damages

These are harsh financial penalties meant to punish the at-fault party and serve as a deterrent to future wrongdoing. 

Regardless of what type of damages your attorney is seeking, you should at least be compensated for the injuries you sustained in the crash and the costs you will incur down the road.