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Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law in Oklahoma City holds dog owners accountable when victims suffer serious dog bites. We represent dog bite victims of all ages and make sure they receive full support to pay for the best medical care available after a scary dog attack. Our skilled Oklahoma City attorneys provide free, no-obligation case consultations to all victims. Contact us today to find out what your case is worth.

Do I Need a Lawyer After an Oklahoma City Dog Bite Incident?

If you or a loved one are left with a serious injury, you may need the protection of a skilled Oklahoma City dog bite lawyer. Suffering a fracture, head trauma, or even a disfigurement will mean medical care will be expensive and those bills may keep building for months or years. This is when insurance providers get nervous and look for ways to reduce the value of your injury claim. They may try to find ways to blame you for your encounter with a dog. They may find a doctor who will say that your injuries are all that bad. Allow an Oklahoma City dog bite lawyer to protect you from these tactics and help you demand every benefit available.

Can I Seek Compensation from a Dog Owner After Suffering a Bite?

Oklahoma is a “strict liability” dog bite state. That means that dog owners aren’t excused from taking responsibility for a bite wound even if it’s the first time a dog has shown aggression. Some states follow a “one bite” rule and don’t hold owners accountable unless the dog has bitten before. But Oklahoma generally holds dog owners fully liable for a victim’s well-being under most circumstances. Strict liability for the pet owner would be followed unless:
  • The victim was trespassing.
  • The victim provoked the dog.
Otherwise, victims can file an injury claim against the dog owner’s homeowners or renter’s insurance provider. In some cases, a landlord or property owner could also be held liable. If the landlord knew about a tenant who had a dog that had shown aggression, the landlord could be held responsible for not seeking to remove the tenant or acting to protect others from the dog. Your Ylla|Gosney dog bite attorney would fully investigate your case and collect all evidence and witness testimony available. Your lawyer identifies all parties that may be held responsible for what happened to you and then files as many injury claims as necessary so that you can pay your hospital bills and support yourself and your family.

Dog Bites at Oklahoma City Dog Parks

Dogs usually play well with humans and other animals, but they can become confused or scared and accidentally bite someone. They can even accidentally bite while playing. These situations are common, but it’s still the dog owner’s responsibility to keep others protected from their pets. Many Oklahoma City residents enjoy taking their dogs out for a run around the block or to a local dog park, like Midtown Mutts Dog Park. Strict liability still applies to dog bites suffered at city parks and dog parks. The dog owner could be held financially accountable for the cost of the medical care the victim needed and the support of victims while they are out of work. The owner/operators of the dog park, sometimes the City of Oklahoma or sometimes an Apartment complex, usually aren’t liable in these incidents. Dog parks are usually considered “use at your own risk” locations. In most cases, victims wouldn’t be able to sue property owners or the city after suffering a bite at a park. After a frightening encounter with a dog at a park or anywhere in your neighborhood, you’ll need time to focus on healing physically and mentally. You don’t need to worry over the frustrating claims process and battles with unhelpful insurance adjusters. Allow Ylla|Gosney to work on getting you the most support possible for your injury while you work on fully recovering. We want to see you get back on your feet again and back to enjoying a normal life.

What Is My Dog Bite Injury Worth?

It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate on the settlement money you will earn after a dog bite. It will depend largely on how bad your injury is and how long it takes you to heal. Your dog bite lawyer won’t be able to determine how much you should expect from an insurance company until going over the details of your case and fully investigating what happened. A skilled Oklahoma City lawyer must create a full list of every hardship you and your family have faced in recovery. This list will be included in an insurance claim. Every damage that’s included will help increase the amount you’ll see on a dog bite settlement check.
  • Totals on medical bills.
  • Estimates on long-term care, including restorative surgeries, for victims suffering disfigurements.
  • Estimates on long-term care needed for dog bite victims left with permanent physical disabilities.
  • Support for the physical pain dog bite victims endure.
  • Support for the emotional trauma victims cope with. This might include the anxiety and PTSD symptoms victims experience in the aftermath of a frightening dog attack. Depression during a difficult recovery is also common.
  • Totals on travel costs as victims must make doctor’s appointments while unable to drive. They may also have to travel out of town or out of state to visit specialists.
  • Totals on lost paychecks and benefits while victims are unable to work.
  • In the case of a tragic fatal dog bite incident, families can file a wrongful death claim to ask for help covering the costs of a funeral and pay off remaining medical bills. Close relatives should also get help in replacing the income the deceased can no longer provide the family. They could also ask for support for the care and guidance that will no longer be available to the victim’s spouse and children in the future.

Earning Compensation for Child Dog Bite Victims

Ylla|Gosney Attorneys at Law is committed to compassionately representing child dog bite victims and their families after a scary dog encounter. Our lawyers take special care with young victims and seek to earn them extra support to cover any challenges ahead. Children who suffer dog bites early on can run into development issues in their teen years as their bodies grow to adulthood. An old injury can hold up the maturation process. Victims may need support to pay for additional surgeries and physical therapy. Children can also suffer long-lasting mental trauma stemming from a violent attack. They could require psychological counseling and other therapy for years to come. Our lawyers ensure that children get the support they need to recover. We also help parents find the resources they need to provide for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I receive compensation if a dog knocks me down and I’m injured?

Yes. Strict liability wouldn’t apply if no bite occurred, but other personal injury laws would allow you to seek support. You’d need to prove that the dog’s actions and the dog owner’s negligence caused your fall.

How long can I wait to file a dog bite accident claim?

Two years. Oklahoma City dog bite victims have up to two years to file injury claims. Victims shouldn’t wait years though. They should allow their lawyers the chance to collect fresh evidence and track down witnesses.

What if I can’t afford to pay an Oklahoma City dog bite lawyer?

You won’t need any upfront money to hire Ylla|Gosney Attorneys At Law. We don’t accept payment unless we win your dog bite case. Then our fee comes out of the settlement you receive. We also adjust our fees to make sure you keep what you need to rebuild your life.

Contact an Oklahoma City Dog Bite Attorney

We have an extensive background in safeguarding Oklahoma City dog bite victims. Ylla|Gosney Attorneys At Law also represents child dog bite victims and their families with compassion and care. We go after dog owners and insurance companies while causing as little disruption to the lives of our clients as possible. We offer a free, no-obligation case review with a real Oklahoma City Dog Bite Lawyer.  Contact us as soon as possible. There’s no pressure to file a lawsuit suit or even use our services if you decide to file. We just want to inform you of everything you need to know before you decide on your next move.

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