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What an Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For You 

If you’ve been injured in an accident and none of the liable parties are willing to help, you may have a personal injury claim on your hands. You’ve got medical bills piling up, and none of the at fault parties want to take responsibility. 

Between low-ball settlement offers and just plain ignoring you, it’s enough to feel defeated. Whether it’s an insurance company, the property owners, or medical care providers, your case is winnable with the right legal experience. 

Our Commitment to You

At West, Ylla, Gosney, we’re committed to getting you the financial compensation you deserve. With our legal team fighting for you, they’ll have to take notice. We prioritize maximum compensation through either settlement negotiations or a trial if necessary. The only way to win personal injury lawsuits is with effective legal representation. 

In Oklahoma City, you will find no law firm more committed to your case and to you as a client. Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that our compensation doesn’t change no matter how long we provide legal assistance. Whatever your financial award, we take a percentage of that instead of billing by the hour and charging for every copy. 

We go above and beyond that, though. We know that your monetary award may not cover every expense you’ve accrued or even reach the level of compensation you deserve. If that’s the case, we’re prepared to adjust our fee so you still come out ahead. 

You’ve still got questions and we have answers, so we’ve prepared this guide to fill in the blanks to address some common inquiries. Additionally, whether you use our services or not, you have a right to know your options. Reach out to us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Facts About Personal Injury Cases

These cases can be one of fault (someone doing something that advertently or inadvertently resulted in the injury) and/or negligence (a failure to act or behave in a way that would have resulted in no injury). Personal injury victims have a legal recourse to pursue damages, usually with the help of a personal injury attorney. 

10% of all deaths in the U.S. are a result of medical error.
For every 100 physicians, there are 68 liability claims filed. 
Each year, over 3 million patients over the age of 65 are treated for injuries from a slip and fall.
Car accidents cost insurers and victims $473.2 billion.
For every 10,000 registered vehicles there is at least one death in auto accidents.
Within Oklahoma, one third of car accidents happen in Oklahoma City.

Regardless of what type of case you have, personal injury lawsuits are extremely prevalent. They also come with a huge amount of financial burden. In 2019, the economic cost of injuries was $4.2 trillion. With a number like that, can you really afford to just let the negligent parties ignore your case? 

What is a personal injury case? 

There are many different types of personal injury cases, which are a type of civil lawsuit. Each one is different, but they all share the same foundation: someone got hurt and they think someone else is responsible. 

Slip and Fall Injuries

Animal Attack


Wrongful Death

No matter the type of case you have, hiring a personal injury attorney is your best chance at negotiating with insurance companies. 


Laws Regarding Personal Injury Cases

There are several legal nuances that could impact the outcome of your case. Some of them may impact your case’s timeline, award resolution, or even your ability to file a case. 

Oklahoma Statutes

Strict Liability



Suffice it to say that there’s a great deal of legal variations, exceptions, and peculiarities that will come up during your case. Even out of court, your lawyer will file complaints, pleadings, and send settlement offers until they get you a settlement you accept. 

Trials and Settlements

Trials can be expensive, unpredictable, and protracted. That’s why insurance companies would much rather settle with you out of court. This is conducted through settlement negotiations, usually done through your attorney. 

Insurance adjusters’ job is entirely about getting you to accept the lowest possible settlement. This can involve a variety of tactics — reshaping the narrative, claiming prior injury, and even blaming the victim. 

Out of court, these settlement negotiations are passed through attorneys and the victim gets the final say on each settlement offer. Once you accept it, that compensation gets paid out to the victim or to providers holding any outstanding debts on your behalf. In the case of wrongful death suits, the award is paid out to any beneficiaries. 



Compensation Eligibility

Without a jury trial, cases are resolved through settlement because juries may result in unpredictable damage awards. 

Determing Damages

Types of Damages

You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer On Your Side

Dog bites, slip and falls, and even car accidents — we’ve done it all. Our combined experience with a wide range of practice areas will ensure you get results and can begin to put this behind you. 

When browsing Super Lawyers, you’ll see numerous personal injury law firms. Promising to get you thousands of dollars, promising you the world. Before you file a suit against anyone, you need to trust your attorneys completely. 

To do that will require a lot of questions. About your case, your settlement, the process, and what to expect. At West, Ylla, Gosney, we offer a free consultation with no pressure to file suit or even use our services if you decide to file. That way, you know everything there is to know before you decide. 

We’re invested in you, especially considering we don’t get paid unless you do. Plus, we’re ready to adjust our fee if your compensation doesn’t adequately cover your bills. 

To get started today, call us for a free case review.